Uniserve Win Again in BIFA Awards

Jan 17, 2019 | News

Uniserve Group have been announced as ‘winners’ in the coveted European Logistics category, at the BIFA Freight Service Awards on Thursday.

The BIFA award ceremony, which was hosted by double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes, encourages and rewards high standards and professionalism, representing the ultimate recognition of special achievements in different sectors of the industry.

The trophy can be seen with our Group Managing Director – Iain Liddell (pictured below left) and also with our European management team members Doug Maskell and Lauren Liddell (below right), at the Brewery in London. 

With Brexit on the horizon, we set out last year to build a robust, technologically driven network for our European operations that was also capable of linking seamlessly into global supply chains.

The project, led personally by Iain Liddell, saw us initially consult with existing partners, and where needed recruit new members, to achieve our goals.

Our view was that the future of providing quality sustainable European logistics products, regardless of whether the UK entered into a soft or hard Brexit, would be dependent on providing supply chain visibility and smart global solutions.

During an eighteen month period, Uniserve skilfully invested time and funds into a product that enhances our European supply chain offering regardless of the trade agreement outcome, and that was recognised by the BIFA judges.

To find out more about Uniserve’s European Road freight post Brexit products, then please email info@ugroup.co.uk or call 01375 856060. 



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