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Whilst measuring and reducing emissions are vital – Carbon Offsetting is a Proactive Approach to environmental action, reversing the impact of emissions created now.

W&I backed carbon credit scheme


100% Verified W&I Insurance Backed Carbon Credit Scheme – Certified by Cercarbono

In partnership with Mere Plantation Limited, we are delighted to offer the opportunity for business to offset emissions via a fully certified carbon credits scheme.

A scheme that provides access to Warranty and indemnity insurance backed, fully certified, safe, premium carbon absorption credits to aid your company’s achievement of net zero.

About Mere Plantation

Mere Plantations, a UK based company, with over 15 years experience in reafforestation of degraded forest land. Mere Plantations grow mainly Teak (Tectona grandis) due to the resilience of the tree, and the high value of the associated timber.

Mere Plantations has achieved full certification of its plantation sites, under the Cercarbono Certified Carbon Standard.

Mere’s carbon offering is one of the single biggest tropical hardwood reforestation projects globally, achieved on a purely commercial basis to deliver social and environmental impact at scale.

A total of 361,327 carbon credits (“CARBONCERs”) have been issued for the first verification period, with a net 307,128 Carbon Credits available as sequestered to date.

Mere’s first crediting period will run until 2031 and will generate 3,234,860 carbon credits. For the duration of the project, over 32 million carbon credits are on track to be generated, making this the biggest lifetime carbon credit project in Ghana by a significant magnitude.

What is the Opportunity for Uniserve Customers?

To be a part of the social value benefits that this programme delivers:

  • Quality rural employment
  • Improved household income
  • Contribution to Ghanaian national income through taxes
  • Local infrastructure developments
  • Biodiverse restoration of degraded land
  • Reliable clean water to local communities
  • Youth employment and development opportunities
  • Access to Healthcare
  • A 33:1 return on investment to local communities

Mere are providing an offering that bridges the carbon credit requirements of durability, scale, social benefit and environmental benefit in a wholly unique manner. This will be complimented by a full and comprehensive W&I insurance product accompanying every single carbon credit brought to market by Mere.

Get involved now to be a part of the highest generation per hectare of any teak reforestation carbon credit project currently on the market

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