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UniAir, the air freight division of Uniserve, is a global leader in air freight services, covering major airports worldwide. We offer a comprehensive range of air freight solutions, tailored to suit your specific requirements. As the UK’s largest independent logistics provider, our award-winning services guarantee reliability, efficiency, and exceptional customer support.



Scheduled consolidated departures for cost-effective solutions.


Fast and reliable services to and from major airports across the globe.


Combine sea and air freight for an economical alternative to airfreight.


Worldwide courier services with online tracking through our Uniparcel brand.


Specialised temperature-controlled solutions for perishable and frozen products.


Short-notice non-scheduled flights for large or urgent shipments.


Comprehensive supply chain solutions and peak season management programs.


Customs clearance and duty management through our offices and international partners.


With our global carrier contracts and blocked space agreements, we ensure a wide range of scheduled services worldwide. Our long track record of successfully fulfilled contracts and significant volume has helped us win numerous industry awards, including the BIFA airfreight award a record-breaking five times.

Air Freight FAQ

What is air freight, and how does it work?

Air freight is a method of transporting goods by aeroplane. It works by packaging the goods and loading them onto a cargo plane, which then flies the goods to their destination airport. Once the plane lands, the goods are unloaded and transported to their final destination.

How does air freight compare to sea and road freight in terms of cost and speed?

Air freight is generally faster than sea and road freight, but it is also typically more expensive. The cost and speed of each method can vary depending on various factors such as the distance of the shipment, the size and weight of the cargo, and the mode of transportation used.

How long does air freight take from China to the UK, and what factors can affect the transit time?

The transit time for air freight from China to the UK can vary depending on the carrier and the specific route taken. Typically, it can take between 3 to 7 days for the shipment to arrive. Factors that can affect the transit time include the origin and destination cities, any layovers or transfers, customs clearance procedures, and weather conditions.

What types of goods can be shipped using air freight, and are there any restrictions or special considerations?

Air freight can be used to ship a wide variety of goods, including perishable items, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other high-value goods. However, there may be restrictions on certain items, such as hazardous materials or items that are subject to export controls. It’s important to check with the carrier and relevant authorities to ensure compliance with all regulations.

How do I track my air freight shipment and ensure it arrives safely at its destination?

Most air freight carriers provide tracking services, which allow shippers to monitor the status of their shipment throughout the journey. Shippers can typically access tracking information online or through a mobile app. To ensure the safe arrival of the shipment, it’s important to properly package the goods and comply with all relevant regulations and documentation requirements.

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