about us

The UK’s NUMBER 1 Independent Logistics and Global Trade Management Provider


Driven by a relentless determination to deliver value to customers, Uniserve has become synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation, all delivered at the lowest possible cost. This, allied with continuous investment, has allowed Uniserve to grow and become the UK’s largest privately owned logistics and global trade management provider.

Today the Group employs over one thousand people in the UK and many more around the globe. Our commitment to continuous improvement is not just aimed towards our own staff but also towards advancing our profession as a whole.

This is evidenced through our commitment and investment in the Supply Chain Academy, located within our Upminster headquarters.

The global presence of Uniserve, particularly in product sourcing locations, allied with passionate belief in delivering high-quality service to our customers, has resulted in Uniserve becoming a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading businesses. This ranges from major corporations and brands through to local or niche online companies.

Our high standards of service and continuous industry innovation have been recognised with numerous supply chain and customer service awards over the last forty years.