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About One World GTM

One World is on a mission to realise a world full of sustainable supply chains for people, planet and profit.

Today, retailers and manufacturers are under pressure from government and consumers to be more transparent and accountable for the impact of their activities, decisions and processes at every point in their supply chains.

One World is putting product at the heart of the supply chain, giving customers and stakeholders throughout the product lifecycle the ability to create, produce, monitor, manage and measure their supply chain from the very highest perspective, down to a level of product and ingredient detail never before seen.

One World’s Vision

One World combines industry expertise with cutting edge technology to create a uniquely transparent, intelligent digital supply chain system.

They want to enable the ability to provide a Digital Birth Certificate and Digital Product Passport (DPP) for every product created. With the instance of a scan, you will be able to understand where that product has come from, its composition, the impact so far, and which organisations have been involved in its journey.

With the EU leading the way on a series of ‘Circular Economy’ regulations and growing consumer pressure – particularly from younger generations – for supply chain stakeholders to be held more accountable for their impact. One World is perfectly positioned to become a hub for organisations throughout the supply chain.

The One World Platform

One World Version 2.0 is launching in 2023.

Comprised of 10 solution stacks, the platform measures every activity associated with the true cradle-to-cradle lifecycle of the product, from raw extraction from earth all the way to the creation, consumption, and recycling of that product. Enabling users to manage and reduce risks to the climate and their reputation and account for the chain of custody at every stage of their product’s life.

One World stack images

One World Customers

One World works with organisations across the full range of the supply chain, from where the product is made right to where it’s recycled and everything in between.







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If you’re interested in learning more about One World, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team today by visiting the website and filling out the form. Or alternatively reaching us at or +44 2308 488 751.

Career Opportunities 

One World are committed to creating an innovative, diverse and inclusive workplace. Become part of the team building a transformative technology solution. Help them create a more sustainable and ethical future.