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Game-Changing New Indian Tax

Effective from 1st July 2017, the Indian government are introducing a Goods & Service Tax (GST) which will be a single tax on manufacture, sale and consumption of goods throughout India. The tax will work similarly to VAT, being collected at every stage of sale or...

Queens Award For Chelsom

Uniserve customer Chelsom have just received the prestigious 'Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade', in recognition of its outstanding export achievements over the past three years. The Blackpool based decorative lighting manufacturer won Britain's most...

40 Strong Trailblazer Meeting

More than 40 participants are due to attend tomorrow’s Trailblazer Group meeting, which is being held and chaired by Universe Group at the Supply Chain Academy in Upminster. Attendees are arriving from a broad cross section of business, higher education and...

Shanghai Port Congestion

The world's busiest container port, Yangshan in China's business hub of Shanghai, is battling heavy congestion brought about by dense fog, higher-than-usual volumes and reportedly the shake-up in shipping alliances. Numerous container vessels have been delayed outside...

Supply Chain Executives Offer

The Supply Chain Academy are offering a promotional opportunity to executives for May; to try one of their leading edge masterclasses at an introductory price. The Leading Complex Change Through The Supply Chain masterclass would be extremely beneficial  to...

Thames Crossing For Tilbury

Last week saw the chosen route for the new Thames Crossing announced, which will connect Tilbury and Gravesend, meaning journey times to Dover and mainland Europe will be reduced. The new route, which will be some years in construction,  will bring much needed relief...

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The Supply Chain Academy

Today’s business is increasingly driven by the performance of its supply chain, which is often not aligned to support the business strategy, where functional teams may have competing priorities of supply and demand. The result can be lost sales, write-downs and discounts, the additional cost to ship and warehouse excess inventory, and obsolete stock.

Through our very own Supply Chain Academy, Uniserve are able to provide innovative learning experiences for CEOs & Executives. It provides an environment for executives to come together, to develop ideas and to plan exciting futures. We are different because our focus is not only on formal training, but also on thought leadership – learning from the experience of your peers and sharing best practice.

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The UK’s Leading Independent Logistics and Trade Management Provider

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