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UniEurope, a division of Uniserve, excels in European road freight services, leveraging innovation, collaboration, and a robust logistics platform. Our strategic partnerships with top logistics providers across Europe ensure seamless transportation, flexibility, and reliable service for all your road freight needs.



Regular scheduled groupage (economy) services covering all of Europe via major hubs.


Express groupage services for more urgently required shipments with faster turnarounds.


Accompanied driver services including full loads and bullet vans at a moments notice.


A wide range of economical unaccompanied driver services for full load shipments.


Economical container movements through Northern European and Mediterranean ports.


Intermodal services including full road/rail/road options to and from major European cities.


Solutions for out of gauge and unusually sized cargo, throughout Europe.


Priority customs clearance services, including Duty, VAT and intrastat controls, as required.

European Road Freight FAQ

What is European road freight?

European road freight refers to the transportation of goods by road within Europe. It is a vital mode of transport for businesses involved in regional and international trade, offering a flexible and cost-effective solution for moving goods across European countries.

How do I choose a reliable European road freight provider?

When selecting a European road freight provider, consider factors such as their experience, network, range of services, pricing, and customer reviews. A reputable provider will have a strong track record, extensive partnerships, and a customer-centric approach to meeting your unique transportation needs.

What types of road freight services does UniEurope offer?

UniEurope provides a comprehensive range of European road freight services, including regular scheduled groupage (economy) services, express groupage for urgent shipments, dedicated driver services (full loads and bullet vans), unaccompanied driver services (full load shipments), short sea container movements, intermodal services (road/rail/road), project cargo, and customs clearance services.

How does UniEurope ensure timely and reliable European road freight services?

UniEurope, a division of Uniserve, leverages innovation, collaboration, and a robust logistics platform to provide seamless transportation, flexibility, and reliable service for all your road freight needs. Their strategic partnerships with top logistics providers across Europe ensure a wide range of services and more choices for clients.

Are there any restrictions on goods that can be transported via UniEurope's road freight services?

While UniEurope’s road freight services can accommodate a wide variety of goods, some restrictions apply to specific items, such as hazardous materials, perishables, or items subject to special regulations. Consult with UniEurope to ensure your cargo complies with all relevant European transport and customs regulations.

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