Chinese Truckers Stage Strike

Jun 12, 2018 | News

Truck-drivers and haulage contractors across China staged a nationwide strike at the weekend to protest over low fees and rising fuel prices.

The strike was called via an anonymous social media post, which called  for 30 million truckers across the country to refuse work on June 10th, and was recognised across numerous Chinese provinces.

Reportedly, videos of  vehicles standing in long lines were posted on social media but subsequently deleted as the official media did not report on the subject.

During the past 12 months, fuel has increased by 8.5% in China, which has not been reflected in average fees.  The Chinese government are believed to be reducing fuel prices in response, but have also not responded officially to the strike.


The weekend’s protest regarding increased fuel costs are by no means isolated. We reported last month that Brazil suffered a ten day long truckers strike, that brought the country to a standstill, over similar issues.

At this point it is unclear whether there will be any further industrial action in China, but through our Global Trade Management team we will be monitoring the situation closely.

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