Bangladesh Security Issues

Aug 1, 2018 | Industry News

Logistics operators are struggling to get goods into Dhaka airport due to new security measures, which have seen the number of trucks unloaded reduced by 80% recently.

Currently, only one truck is allowed to unload at a time, due to increased checkups, serial maintenance and further measures, which is resulting in delays, backlogs and flights leaving under capacity.

In addition to the security issues, the airport road has been witnessing major protests after the death of two students in a car crash recently. This has resulted in blockades and violent exchanges between students and transport workers.

Chittagong Port is also suffering congestion due to seasonal demand, heightened by issues with screening and the airfreight situation.

Uniserve are monitoring the situation closely and are advising airfreight customers to prebook space a number of days in advance to avoid delays, for further information please contact your local Uniserve representative.

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