2016 in Review

As we approach the new year we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

We say farewell to 2016, which has certainly been a rollercoaster of a year on both the world stage and in logistics. Below is a review of some of the highs and lows of the year.

Early 2016 saw an outbreak in the Zika Virus in South America and concerns for travellers and athletes attending the Rio Olympics.

In April the consolidated poll of polls suggested the UK’s position on Brexit was 44% Remain, 42% Leave, 16% Undecided.

In May news of the changes in shipping line alliances started to emerge, including Hyundai being in talks with Maersk & MSC.

In June the Panama canal expansion completed, allowing 13,000 TEU vessels to cross the continent, increased from 5,000 TEU ships.

23rd June the United Kingdom voted to leave Europe, the referendum returned results of 51.9% Leave, 48.1% Remain.

In July Donald Trump won the republican candidate nomination to challenge Hilary Clinton for the US Presidency.

In August Hanjin, one of the world’s largest shipping lines announced they had moved into receivership.

During August The Rio Olympics took place, the medal table ended with the USA 1st (46 golds) and Team GB 2nd (27 golds).

In September Uniserve were appointed as the official logistics partner for the UK government’s ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign.

During September The Rio Paralympics took place, this time it was China 1st with 107 gold medals and Team GB second again with 64. 

In October The Supply Chain Academy hosted the major event of the year, ‘Brexit: The Future of the Supply Chain Conference’.

8 November Another surprise in world politics, as Trump was elected as the new US President, taking office in January 2017.

In November No surprise here as Uniserve won the ‘Seafreight Solutions Provider of the Year 2016’ at the Global Freight Awards ceremony.

In December The Supply Chain Academy, in conjunction with Leeds University, got to work on an industry first, ‘The Supply Chain Degree Apprenticeship’.

More News…..

15 Years And Counting For Adam

This week Uniserve Group's Adam Entwistle will be celebrating a major milestone after serving the company impeccably for the past 15 years. Adam joined our team as an Import Operator on 23rd June 2003, and has deservedly worked his way up to become Senior Airfreight...

101 Ovations

Uniserve Group will be holding a family fun day as a thank you to all of our long-serving team members on 1st July 2018. The event, which will celebrate the achievements of 101 of our loyal employees, is being held for everyone who has completed 10 years of service or...

New System Delays Felixstowe

A new operating system at Felixstowe is reportedly responsible for current delays at the port, as drivers face queues to collect and deliver containers. Turnaround times on the quay have been ranging from 15 minutes up to 12 hours, despite claims on local radio of one...

Chinese Truckers Stage Strike

Truck-drivers and haulage contractors across China staged a nationwide strike at the weekend to protest over low fees and rising fuel prices. The strike was called via an anonymous social media post, which called  for 30 million truckers across the country to refuse...

China Waste Ban Impacts Asia

China's recent ban on plastic waste imports is beginning to impact countries around Asia, as scrap is being diverted to other destinations. The knock-on effect is particularly hitting South-east Asian countries, such as Malaysia and Vietnam. Although the general...

World Oceans Day

As one of leading global ocean freight providers, Uniserve Group would like to raise awareness and support for World Ocean's Day, Friday 8th June. An estimated 12.7 million tonnes of plastic – including plastic bottles, bags and packaging – end up in our oceans each...

Join Our World Cup Predictor

Uniserve have launched our World Cup predictor game and its available for any customers, suppliers, staff, partners, friends or followers of Uniserve Group companies. Do you rate your footballing knowledge? Rate your ability to predict outcomes? Fancy your chances of...

Heathrow Team On The Move

In order to support ongoing success and development, Uniserve Group's Heathrow team have now completed their move from Slough to Feltham, and we are pleased to confirm they are now fully operational in their new facilities. As well as housing their London Heathrow...

Supply Chain Infographic

Uniserve Group are pleased to share another logistics infographic, as we continue to develop a series of easy to read educational documents for the industry. This logistics infographic explains and demonstrates how a theoretical supply chain looks.     This logistics...

Brazil Impacted by Strikes

Truckers in Brazil have been on strike for the past week, which has resulted in major disruption to logistics within the country. While reports suggest that an agreement between hauliers and the Brazilian government was reached yesterday, which could stop the protests...



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