Transport Network Developments

Nov 21, 2018 | Article

The restructuring and ongoing development of Uniserve’s transport network has been progressing well over recent months, after being identified as a key initiative by the group board this year.

Maximising our transport’s effectiveness by encompassing all group divisions and ensuring they are working seamlessly together,  along with creating multi modal network hubs that are capable of driving the group’s distribution into the future, are the aims of Uniserve Group COO – Kim Overman and UK Transport Network Manager – Rupert Kay.

The initial outline for the network is to:

  • Provide full transport coverage for the whole of the UK 24/7 & 365 days per year.
  • Provide the ability to carry all types of freight, including drinks, steel, glass, hanging garments and all classes of hazardous goods.
  • Provide Euro 6 compliance for all proposed low emission zones.
  • Provide the ability to track all vehicles through our technologically advanced platform.



Six months in to the project, Rupert commented on the progress so far – “The Uniserve network has served the business very well over the last few years but the company has since grown, made acquisitions and diversified into other areas of distribution.”

“We are now working towards a future proof platform that enables us to pull on the capabilities of all of our transport divisions. The recent issues with port congestion and container transport have taken up considerable resources, but we have still made some significant steps towards achieving our goals.”

“The recent move to larger premises at Heathrow has enabled us to create a much needed West London Hub, which enables much faster collection and delivery times for a number of UK regions. We have plans to increase the operational times of the facility and to add further vehicles to the hub, which will provide customers with even more flexibility.”



“We have just completed the implementation of our new Northampton facility, which is a 200,000 sq ft multi functional fulfilment and distribution centre, built around the specific needs of one major customer, but with capabilities for more. This is one of two facilities in Northampton, which will be benefitting from integration into our network services.”

“We have also restructured some of the management roles and made some key appointments to ensure all divisions are aligned to the entire network, which is now operating in excess of 600 technologically advanced vehicles in the UK. The next few months will see us continue to enhance our capabilities, facilities and equipment further, as we adapt to industry change and the needs of our customers.”

For more information on Uniserve’s national warehousing, fulfilment and distribution services, please email or call 01708 856060.   





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