Dhaka / Bangladesh Update

by | Jul 20, 2017

We have recently advised you about the challenges in the Bangladesh air freight market, as a result of the security restrictions imposed by European authorities. A lack of confidence in the security processes and non-compliant screening facilities continues to result in carriers having to screen cargo at their hub stations, prior to on-forwarding to European destinations.

We now understand that new compliant x-ray machines will be received in Dhaka within the next week for installation. Staff have been trained to use the machines so it is expected that by late August the EU restrictions should be lifted, although this is obviously subject to a satisfactory review of the process post installation.

In the meantime, carriers servicing the market are either limiting the uplift of cargo from Dhaka – due to operational restrictions on the volume they can rescreen at hub – or not accepting cargo at all. This reduced capacity is creating longer than usual dwell times at origin, and some backlogs as factories returning from EID holidays begin to increase production volumes. The hub screening requirements are also impacting connecting flights with increased overall transits.

We will keep you updated on all bookings in our care and continue to offer solutions during this period. We will also keep everyone updated as the new screening solution at Dhaka progresses.

Don’t hesitate to email info@ugroup.co.uk or call 01708 259400 to speak to our customer service or operational teams for any clarification or support.

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