systems & integration

Our transport systems

Through Microlise, our core fleet management software, we are able to measure how safely and economically our vehicles are being driven, which delivers us the necessary information to improve performance and maintain a low cost base.


Microlise provides full visibility of our entire fleet with line by line level detail on current and historic journeys allowing us to ensure our fleet is utilised in the most efficient manner along with the ability to analyse and investigate any delays or issues. Our vehicles are fitted with continuous recording forward facing cameras to fully understand and investigate any issues encountered out on the roads.

supply chain management

One World is our highly intelligent and sophisticated global supply chain operating platform. One World accelerates the movement of goods, improves customer service, reduces supply chain costs and allows us to deliver consumer-driven supply chain solutions.

UniUK customers benefit from One World, utilising all the processes that have been built around product, manufacturing, vendor management, inventory control, distribution and consumer support. One World is capable of managing any product, people or process requirement and is built to the clients exact needs.



One World can deliver to the user an on-demand analytics platform to deliver metrics: KPIs, reports, scorecards and dashboards, with the ability to run ‘out-of-the-box’ data customized data views.

Reports can be scheduled to deliver automatically online or via email with data being able to be exported into Microsoft Excel or other formats.


Since our inception we have always seen technology as a competitive advantage and made continuous and significant investment in our own operating visibility platforms.


This continual investment has allowed us to build our own enviable team of highly-skilled developers and technicians who have succesfully overseen and managed integrations with all of our major clients and numerous major platforms over recent years.