Global Public Holiday Dates

Our month by month summary of public holiday dates around the world that may have impact on your business. We have not included every country, but have highlighted major trading nations holidays that fall between Monday and Friday.

January 2021

1st – Various Countries (New Year’s Day), Cuba (Triumph of the Revolution), Taiwan (Republic Day)

6th – Italy (La Befana), Russia (Bank Holiday)

7th – Egypt (Coptic Christmas Day), Ghana (Constitution Day)

9th – Panama (Martyrs’ Day)

11th – Bahamas (Majority Rule Day)

13th – Myanmar: Kayin New Year Day

14th – Tunisia (Revolution and Youth Day), Sri Lanka (Tamil Thai Pongal Day)

18th – USA (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)

21st – Barbados (Errol Barrow Day)

24th – Romania (Unification Day)

26th – Australia (Australia Day), India (Republic Day)

28th – Sri Lanka (Tamil Thai Pongal Day)

February 2021

1st – Mexico (Constitution Day)

4th – Sri Lanka (National Day)

5th – Pakistan (Kashmir Day)

6th – New Zealand (Waitangi Day)

10th – Malta (Feast of St. Pauls shipwreck)

11th – Various (Chinese New Year Eve), South Korea (Korean New Year Holiday), Vietnam (Tet Eve) Japan (National Foundation Day),
Cameroon (Youth Day)

15th – Argentina (Lunes de Carnival)

16th – Serbia (Sovereignty Day of Serbia Holiday), Lithuania: Restoration of the State Day

17th – Various Countries (Ash Wednesday), Kosovo (Independence Day)

18th – Gambia (Independence Day)

21st – Bangladesh (Language Martyrs’ Day

24th – Estonia (Independence Day)

27th – Dominican Republic (Independence Day)

March 2021

1st – Paraguay (Day of Heroes), Bosnia and Herzegovina (Independence Day)

2nd – Puerto Rico (American Citizenship day)

3rd – Bulgaria (Liberation Day)

6th – Ghana (Independence Day)

8th – Various Countries (Commonwealth Day)

11th – Various Countries (Maha Sivarathri Day)

12th – Mauritius (National Day)

15th – Mexico (Benito Juarez’s Birthday)

17th – Ireland (St Patrick’s Day), Bangladesh (Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s birthday)

19th – Various Countries (St. Joseph’s Day)

20th – Japan (Vernal Equinox Day), Tunisia (Independence Day)

23rd – Pakistan (Pakistan Day)

24th – Argentina (Public Holiday)

25th – Greece (Independence Day), Cyprus (Greek Independence Day)

26th – Bangladesh (Independence Day)

31st – Uruguay Bank Holiday, Malta (Freedom Day)

April 2021

1st – Cyprus (National Day), India (Odisha Day)

2nd – Various (Good Friday) Argentina (Malvinas Day), Iran (Nature Day)

5th – Various (Easter Monday), Taiwan (Children’s Day Holiday), Various Ching Ming Festival, South Africa (Family Day)

6th – Thailand (Chakri Day)

9th – Philippines (The Day of Valour)

11th – Jordan (Centennial Holiday)

13th – Various (Ramadan), Sri Lanka (Sinhala and Tamil New Year Eve), Thailand (Songkran)

14th – Various (Tamil New Year), Bangladesh (Bengali New Year)

17th – Myanmar (Burmese New Year)

21st – India (Ram Navami) Vietnam (Hung Kings Temple Festival)

23rd – United Kingdom (St George’s Day)

25th – Various (Anzac Day)

26th – Sri Lanka (Bak Full Moon Poya)

27th – Netherlands (King’s Birthday), Slovenia (Resistance Day), South Africa (Freedom Day), Sierra Leone (Independence Day)

29th – Japan (Showa Day)

30th – Vietnam (Reunification Day)

May 2021

1st – Various (Labour Day), Finland (Vappu)

3rd – Various (May Day), Egypt (Sham El Nessim), Japan (Constitution Memorial Day)

4th – Japan (Greenery Day), Latvia (Declaration of Independence Day)

5th – Netherlands (Liberation Day), South Korea (Children’s Day Holiday)

7th – Bangladesh (Jumatul Bidah)

8th – Various (Victory in Europe Day)

13th – Various (Ascension Day)

14th – Various (Eid Al Fitr)

19th – Turkey (Commemoration of Ataturk, Youth and Sports Day), Various (The Buddha’s Birthday)

21st – Montenegro (Independence Day)

25th – Various (Whit Monday)

25th – Argentina (May Day Revolution)

26th – Various (Visakha Bucha Day)

30th – Croatia (Statehood Day)

31st – United Kingdom (Spring Bank Holiday), USA (Memorial Day)

June 2021

1st – Various Spring Bank Holiday, Various (International Children’s Day)

2nd – Italy (Republic Day)

3rd – Various (Corpus Christi), Thailand (H.M. Queens Birthday Holiday)

5th – Denmark (Constitution Day)

7th – Ireland (June Holiday), New Zealand (Queen’s Birthday)

10th – Portugal (Portugal Day), French Guiana (Abolition Day)

14th – China (Dragon Boat Festival), Russia (National Day)

16th – South Africa (Youth Day)

17th – Iceland (Independence Day)

19th – Trinidad and Tobago (Labour Day)

20th – Various (Father’s Day), Various (Orthodox Pentecost Monday)

21st – Iceland (First Day of Summer)

24th – Various (St. John’s Day)

25th – Finland & Sweden (Midsummer Eve)

28th – Ukraine (Constitution Day Holiday)

30th – DR Congo (Independence Day)

July 2021

1st – Canada (Canada Day), Hong Kong (Special Administration Region Day)

4th – USA (Independence Day), Rawanda (Liberation Day)

6th – Malawi (Independence Day)

12th – Northern Ireland (Bank Holiday)

14th – France (Bastille Day), Iraq (Republic Day)

15th  – Turkey (Democracy and National Solidarity Day), Iraq (Republic Day)

20th – Various Middle East, Africa & Indian Sub-Continent (Eid al-Adha Holiday), Turkey (Kurban Bayram)

22nd – Japan (Marine Day)

26th – Maldives (Independence Day), Thailand (Asahna Bucha Day)

28th – Peru (Independence Day), Thailand (H.M. King’s Birthday)

30th – Vanatu (Independence Day)

August 2021

1st – Switzerland (National Day)

2nd – Iceland (Commerce Day), Ireland (August Bank Holiday), Scotland (Bank Holiday)

6th – Anguilla (Constitution Day)

9th – Singapore (National Day)

13th – India (Patriot’s Day)

15th – International (Assumption Day), South Korea (Liberation Day), India (Independence Day)

17th – Indonesia (Independence Day)

20th – Estonia (Independence Restoration Day)

21st – Philippines (Ninoy Aquino Day), Czech Republic (Day of Memory)

26th – Papua New Guinea (National Repentance Day)

– United Kingdom except Scotland (August Bank Holiday), Philippines (National Heroes Day)

September 2021

1st – Uzbekistan (Independence Day)

3rd – San Mario (Foundation Day)

6th – Canada, USA (Labour Day)

8th – Israel (Rosh Hashanah), North Macedonia (Independence Day)

10th – Gibraltar (National Day), Belize (St. George’s Caye Day)

16th – Saint Kitts and Nevis (National Hero’s Day), Papua New Guinea (Independence Day)

18th – Chile (Independence Day)

20th – China (Mid-Autumn Festival), Japan (Respect for the Aged Day), Sri Lanka (Binara Full Moon Poya)

21st – North Korea (Chuseok Day)

22nd – South Korea (Harvest Festival Day), Bulgaria (Independence Day)

23rd – Japan (Autumnal Equinox Day), Saudi Arabia (National Day)

28th – Czech Republic (St Wenceslas Day)

October 2021

1st – Chinese (National Day), Cyprus (Independence Day)

2nd – India (Mahatma Gandhi Birthday), Guinea (Independence Day)

3rd – Germany (German Unity Day), South Korea (National Foundation Day)

8th – Argentina (Public Holiday)

9th – South Korea (Hangeul Day)

10th – Taiwan (National Day), Cuba (Independence Day)

11th – Macedonia (Revolution Day), Bahamas (National Heroes Day)

12th – Spain (Hispanic Day)

15th – Tunisia (Evacuation Day), Colombia (Independence of Cartagena)

18th – Jamaica (National Heroes’ Day)

22nd – Japan (Enthronement Ceremony)

23rd – Hungary (Republic Day), Thailand (Chulalongkorn Day)

25th – Ireland (October Bank Holiday), New Zealand (Labour Day)

28th – Greece (The Ochi day), Czech Republic (Independent State Day)

29th – Turkey (Republic Day)

November 2021

1st – Various (All Saints Day), India (Kannada Rajyothsava Day)

3rd – Japan (Culture Day), Panama (Separation Day)

4th – Various (Deepavali Holiday)

6th – Morocco (Green March Day), Tajikistan (Constitution Day)

11th – Various (Remembrance Day), Maldives (Republic Day), Poland (Independence Day)

16th –  Mexico (Revolution Day)

18th –  Morocco (Independence Day)

19th – Puerto Rico (Discovery Day)

22nd – Lebanon (Independence Day), Vanuatu (Unity Day), Argentina (Day of National Sovereignty)

25th – USA (Thanksgiving)

28th – Albania (Independence Day)

December 2021

1st – United Arab Emirates (Commemoration Day)

3rd – Ghana (Farmer’s Day), United Arab Emirates (National Day)

5th – Thailand (King Bhumibol’s Birthday)

6th – Finland (Independence day), Spain (Constitution Day)

10th – Thailand (Constitution Day)

12th –  Mexico (The Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe), Turkmenistan (Neutrality Day)

13th – Malta (Republic Day)

16th –  Bangladesh (Victory Day), South Africa (Day of Reconciliation)

18th – Qatar (National Day)

24th – Various Countries (Christmas Eve), Libya (Independence Day)

25th – Various Countries (Christmas Day)

26th – Various Countries (Boxing Day), Slovenia (Independence and Unity Day)

29th – Ireland (Bank Holiday)

30th – Philippines (Rizal Day)

31st – Various Countries (New Year’s Eve)