Are You Ready For Brexit? Exporters Questionnaire

Brexit - Export Questionnaire

1. Will you continue to export to the EU after October 31st?

2. Do you currently export outside of the European Union?

3. Are you registered for VAT in the UK?

4. Do you have an EORI Number?

5. Do you export any controlled goods (e.g. Alcohol etc) ?

6. Do you usually pay for the cost of freight?

7. Do your shipments leave the UK by road?

8. Do you know the commodity codes of the products you export?

9.1 Do you use a bonded warehouse?

10. Do you know if you are eligible for special customs procedures, eg Temporary Admission, Inward Processing Relief, Outward processing Relief?

11. Do you have capabilities to make customs declarations?

12. Do you have a customs agent/broker to make customs declarations on your behalf?

13. Do you or your EU buyers/importers have the capability to complete customs clearance?

12 + 1 =