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Uniserve appreciates the value that can be unlocked by thinking differently and treating the once disparate international and domestic supply chain networks as one; all linked by our uniquely developed and highly sophisticated purchase order management platform; One World, which enables goods to flow with precision and certainty.

By supporting customers in approaching their end-to-end supply chain as one entity, Uniserve can implement the key enablers within it’s origin and destination logistics facilities. These transform a distribution network from a domestic based function, into a seamless, agile, connected operation; whilst continuously streamlining the associated processes.

Uniserve have an enviable track record supporting many of the UK’s leading brands, as they seek a step change within their international supply chain, and as their business grows. Our success is ultimately founded upon our ability to support, shape and deliver the focus and challenge needed to evolve our customers supply chain, from their existing operating models, to those that are fit for future.

Order Management

Managing expectations to ensure you reach market without delay or issue.

One World

Our internally developed intelligent supply chain management platform

Supply Chain Services

Uniserve offer a host of innovative active and unique supply chain services,

Order Management

Our goal is to become an integral part of our clients business, managing their products and expectations and ensuring they reach market without delay or issue. We continually achieve this with a passionate workforce and quality partners around the world.

Uniserve can process your purchase orders from placement to end user. We can manage every transaction from the seller through to the buyer, incorporating every associated Supply Chain Provider and linking them all with full visibility through the One World global operating platform.

Uniserve can evaluate each supplier’s facilities, capabilities and stability and schedule performance targets. We will monitor and audit every part of the Supply Chain, ensuring procedures and agreed standards are implemented and maintained to the highest standard.

Our highly intelligent One World Platform

Since our inception we have always seen Information Technology as a competitive advantage. We have made continuous and significant investment in our operating visibility platforms and have internally developed the intelligent highly sophisticated One World platform, which has become our global operating platform in addition to our customer purchase order management system. Therefore data is captured and contained within a single platform, completely eradicating any potential data issues that arise when integrating disparate systems.

Uniserve customers benefit from One World. The minimum our customers can expect is the ability to track and trace their inbound consignments. Some of those that utilise the purchase order management capabilities include, JP Boden, All Saints, Samsung, and Marks & Spencer.

Our One World platform comprises today of rich functionality to manage vendors, optimize global supply chains, ensure trade compliance, track global shipments and analyse data to make better decisions. Through this functionality One World accelerates the movement of goods across international borders, improves customer service, reduces global supply chain costs and allows us to deliver consumer-driven supply chain solutions.

supply chain Services


To support our award winning supply chain products, Uniserve offer a host of unique supply chain services, from sourcing through to financing, vendor payment, insurance, import and export duty and taxation management. All product management services are undertaken in house or by experienced professional partners.


Banking & Finance

Uniserve are unique partners with three of the Worlds top ten banks, in order to ensure that our clients will receive direct access to experts within the banks responsible for International Trade and the best possible service at the most competitive rates.


Quality Control

Uniserve operates quality control services either onsite at factory, or at our own receiving facilities near the point of exit. All testing and quality control is of the highest standard to ensure your product requirements are fully met.


Duty & Vat Management

Uniserve works with our own in-house group consultants with considerable experience of HMRC procedures. Our services include: Classification, Valuation, Customs regimes, Compliance / AEO and Supply Chain review.

An enviable track record supporting many of the UK’s leading brands

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