Global Trade Management





Not only do we train our own staff in the arts of supply chain and global trade management, but we train customers and industry members through two group members that provide outstanding supply chain tuition and insight. Uniserve management and staff are the most invested in and developed within the supply chain industry, due to being frequent visitors to our two centres of excellence.

Supply Chain Academy

The Supply Chain Academy provides innovative learning experiences for CEOs & Executives. It provides an environment for executives to come together, to develop ideas and to plan exciting futures. The Supply Chain Academy are different because their focus is not only on formal training, but also on thought leadership – learning from the experience of peers and sharing best practice.

CP Training Consortium

CP Training are the skills development and qualifications arm of the Supply Chan Academy, aimed at staff and management. CP Training have been providing a wide range of supply chain tuition solutions for over 20 years and offer a busy schedule of open courses, mainly in Upminster or Central London. They can also design in-house programmes to align with existing training provisions.