Global Trade Management




Supply Chain Services

Uniserve offer a host of supply chain services, the logistics components being outlined in the individual service pages. All of these components are seamlessly coordinated by our experienced supply chain teams and intelligently managed by our One World global operating platform.

However to support our award winning supply chain management product we offer unique services from sourcing through to financing, vendor payment, insurance, import and export duty and taxation management. All product management services are undertaken in house or by experienced professional partners.


Banking & Finance

Uniserve are unique partners with three of the Worlds top ten banks, in order to ensure that our clients will receive direct access to experts within the banks responsible for International Trade and the best possible service at the most competitive rates.


Quality Control

Uniserve operates quality control services either onsite at factory, or at our own receiving facilities near the point of exit. All testing and quality control is of the highest standard to ensure your product requirements are fully met.


Duty & VAT Management

Uniserve works with our own in-house group consultants with considerable experience of HMRC procedures. Our services include: Classification, Valuation, Customs regimes, Compliance / AEO and Supply Chain review.