Global Trade Management




One World

Since our inception we have always seen Information Technology as a competitive advantage. We have made continuous and significant investment in our operating visibility platforms and have internally developed the intelligent highly sophisticated One World platform, which has become our global operating platform in addition to our customer purchase order management system. Therefore data is captured and contained within a single platform, completely eradicating any potential data issues that arise when integrating disparate systems.

Uniserve customers benefit from One World. The minimum our customers can expect is the ability to track and trace their inbound consignments. Some of those that utilise the purchase order management capabilities include, JP Boden, All Saints, Samsung, and Marks & Spencer.

Our One World platform comprises today of rich functionality to manage vendors, optimize global supply chains, ensure trade compliance, track global shipments and analyse data to make better decisions. Through this functionality One World accelerates the movement of goods across international borders, improves customer service, reduces global supply chain costs and allows us to deliver consumer-driven supply chain solutions.

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