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Uniserve Drinks Logistics is a specialist logistics provider to the beverage industry. We provide an efficient, reliable and cost effective service dedicated to the varied needs of our customers from our dedicated offices. We provide solutions from wherever beverages are produced around the World.

Supporting your business through…

Drinks Supply Chain Management  – Complete management support to fit your specific needs
We understand that global supply chains are always complex. With complexity comes risk and cost. We have developed the Uniserve Drinks flow management, to reduce both risk and cost. This brings efficacies to your supply chain from end-to-end, which has a positive impact on your balance sheet, giving you an advantage over your competitors.

International Movements – We have built our reputation on outstanding performance
From expediting time-critical products by air and moving bulk liquid by sea, to moving consignments by road and rail. Our aim is to make your business more successful and competitive. We select and agree with you the most effective solutions. We manage them through processes and systems that meet the high requirements of the beverage industry.

Storage, Rework and Packaging – To meet the needs of your business, we have developed a number of service centres
Each is equipped to operate under bond or duty paid, with industry leading standards of security and accuracy and offering you an array of value added services.  Unsierve Drinks Logistics UK warehouses will total over 2 Million square feet of handling and storage.

Port Centric – The combination of various elements of the supply chain centred around a port facility
It combines the deep sea container port with warehousing, distribution, assembly and manufacturing.
It links all modes of transport, including road, rail, sea and air to maximise efficiency in/out and it minimises the costs of the supply chain from the manufacturer to the customer.  Uniserve’s strategy places it ahead of its rivals. Through its Port Centric facilities, Uniserve will offer customers a competitive advantage by reducing costs and increasing efficiency within their supply chain.

Distribution – Uniserve Drinks Logistics provide a dedicated fleet across a national network
We are able to load any size, at any time and deliver throughout the UK and Europe on express and economy services.
Bottles, cases, parcels, part loads and full load distribution centres, stores, trade outlets and direct to the customer.

Consultancy and Finance – Whatever your needs, Uniserve in terms of financing, provides a solution to support your supply chain, as well as optimising your own resources
A dedicated team supports you to develop your international capabilities. We will provide a tailor-made platform to help your achieve your business ambitions abroad.

Your Global Drinks Solution

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